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After a long and magical creation cycle of life, your newcomer comes to the world in purity. As a parent, you feel so excited about finding unique things for them, capturing every moment and giving them the best we can, which is why we created Newbie9; to bring fun and pureness to you and your baby.
Our designs are fashionable, sustainable, sophisticated, and totally 100% organic G.O.T.S and Oeko-tex certified. Eco-friendly dyes are used, so our products are harmless to their gentle skin with soft cotton touch. Our hand-knitted products will be heirloom passed down by generations, carrying love and pureness organically to their children.
All of our products are made with fair trade that focuses on social and economic independence for our passionate stay at home moms in Turkey, and helps them extend out their abilities to provide intellectual power and positive influence into the world. 
Newbie9 is pure love, from our family to yours... Thank you for trusting and giving us an opportunity to become a part of your baby's life!